Eastland High School student holds world records in powerlifting

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SHANNON, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–Chase Bremmer is a local athlete who’s doing big things not on the field or on the court, but in the gym. The sophomore at Eastland High School is a world record holder in powerlifting.

Just like many people, Bremmer started lifting weights to get in better shape. Little did he know, he’d wind up on a path to competing in powerlifting competitions.

“I was about 13 and I just started in the summer,” said Bremmer. “I just wanted to get in better shape, get a little bigger, so I started doing pushups and calistenics-type stuff. My dad had an old bench around here and I just started lifting on it, and I saw results pretty quickly, so it interested me and he wanted me to keep pushing it.”

Over the last year, Bremmer joined the Amateur American Powerlifting Federation and in early October he competed in two classes at the PAN-AM world meet. He walked away with eight state records, two national, and four world records.

“To beat it (the record for total weight) my deadlift was like, 177.5 kilos, so that’s like 391 [pounds]. My bench was 100 kilos which is 220 pounds, and for squat I did, I don’t really remember, it was like 308 pounds.”

It’s no accident that Bremmer did so well. He lives and breathes powerlifting. He spends most of his time reading or watching videos on how to improve his workout program, a program he put together entirely by himself, using equipment he bought to build his home-gym.”

“I train four days a week. Right now in my offseason I’m deadlifting twice a week, squatting twice a week, and benching three times a week.”

Bremmer hopes to one day use all the skills he’s learned to become a trainer and to coach-up future lifters like himself. But as far as how much weight he hopes to one day lift…

“Really I want to total 2040-plus pounds in the 198 weight class. I’ve got to keep working towards that goal, it’s going to be a really long time but I really want to get it. That’s my biggest goal for powerlifting.”

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