ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — The Gymnastics Academy of Rockford has done it again, specifically their trampoline and tumbling team, producing dozens of championship athletes at the state competition last weekend.

The team competed at the Northern Illinois State Meet in Canton, Illinois put on by the United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association (USTA) and took home the first place trophy.

“We have about 67 athletes, so it’s a really large team,” said head coach Matt Alex. “A lot of coaches and a lot of effort goes into them and making them successful.”

Capri McLarty is 11 years old and took first place in all three events — trampoline, tumbling and double-mini.

“This means that I know I tried my best and I didn’t let anything stop me,” said McLarty.

The team’s motto is “today I’ll be great, today I’ll try my best, today nothing can stop me.” It serves as a constant motivator, and a reminder to pick yourself back up even if you fall down. That sentiment is chanted every day before practice.

Eliza Oliver is another athlete who can now call herself a state champion after this weekend. The 12-year-old took first place in the tumbling and trampoline events.

“I was really nervous, but I knew that I could pull it all off at the end and I ended up sticking that pass, so it was really exciting,” said Oliver.

Some other awards were given out — including Northern Illinois Coach and Athlete of the Year. Both winners are a part of the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford.

Assistant coach Brandon Dever was recognized as Coach of the Year.

“I was very speechless, and very humbled and warmed that everybody chose me to get that award, so I thought it was pretty awesome,” said Dever.

Natalya Stallings has been with GAR since she was five years old and has overcome a lot to get to where she is in the gym today. She was named Northern Illinois’ Athlete of the Year.

“It created a drive, like more determination toward the sport, it was definitely humbling,” said Stallings. “You know, it wasn’t ever really something I was going for, it’s always just been fun and creating a family, but you know I’m really excited about that.”

The GAR squad has a few weeks before they head to compete at nationals in Springfield, Illinois. But the preparation has already begun.

“It would be super, super cool. I’ve never won first place at a nationals before,” said Oliver.