SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — It’s rare to find talent at such a young age, but South Beloit’s star-studded sophomore has it.

Ross Robertson is already making big moves early in his SoBo career.

South Beloit has a lot going for them this season, and part of that is thanks to the big man in the middle.

“It really causes teams to double, then gets a lot of open three for really good shooters,” said Robertson.

Head coach Matt Stucky said South Beloit has always had some size, but nothing compared to what they have now in the post with Robertson.

“With his height, he can protect the rim defensively, but also handle the ball on offense, kind of a rare combination to have,” said Stucky. “A guy that does both of those.”

He’s the kind of a guy a coach dreams of. The ultimate team player.

“It’ll be scoring, rebounding, handling the ball, shoot free throws at the end, like you name it, he’s asked to be that guy for us, and he willingly accepts it because he’s the kind of guy that wants to do what he needs to help his team win,” said Stucky.

He’s a whole 6’8, 205 pounds, but it doesn’t stop there.

“I’ve always been tall, my great grandpa was 7’2. I’ve always been tall, and my growth chart is linear, it’s straight up,” Robertson said laughing.

He’s expected to be 6’10. Naturally, he’s always been the kid that’s towered over the rest, but he’s found his place on the basketball court.

“I just find my love for basketball,” said Robertson. “I’ve had a basketball in my hand ever since I was little.”

Ever since he was four years old. He’s been playing for about 12 years now. So, beyond his height, what prompted his love for the game?

“Just when I was little, my brother also played for South Beloit, and I just loved watching him play and it just carried throughout my life,” said Robertson.

His brother Riley (Robertson) played for the SoBos from 2013-2017 sporting number 23.

Now fast forward five years later and number 2 is a history maker in South Beloit.

“I mean the sky is the limit for him,” said Stucky.

It was a Friday night game (Jan. 27) against Schaumburg Christian when Robertson carded his 1,000th career point. He’s the youngest SoBo to ever reach that mark.

“It feels really good. I just want to keep going on and scoring more points and be South Beloit’s leading scorer and just not let 1,000 points get in my way and just keep going,” said Robertson. “My biggest goal is 3,000 by my senior year.”

Hey, as he always says, “dream big!”

“You know he should be leaving here as the top point scorer in school history, top rebounder, top blocks, I mean a lot of the major stats will have Ross Robertson at the top of them at the end of four years,” said Stucky.

Peter Scalia currently holds the all-time scoring record at South Beloit with 1,831 points. Perry Range is next at 1,677 points. Both were Hall of Fame basketball players in Illinois.

But maybe the thing that stands out above all else is the support this young SoBo has.

“A lot of times in basketball, especially a point-scoring mark, it’s an individual record, but you saw what the team meant to that record as well,” said Stucky.

Even as he continues to soar to new heights, he’ll never forget where it all started.

“I love it,” said Robertson smiling. “When I graduate, I’m always going to come back, support my community, give back. I really appreciate what my community does for me.”