SAN JOSE, CA (WTVO/WQRF)–Rockton native Corey Anderson was quite possibly on his way to his first MMA world championship and a one million dollar payday Friday night. Then something bizzare happened.

With only three seconds remaining in the third round of the Bellator MMA light heavyweight championship bout and Grand Prix finale, Anderson had the advantage on current champion Vadim Nemkov, but Anderson’s head and Nemkov’s head collided causing a deep cut over Nemkov’s left eye. Referee Frank Trigg determined the cut was too severe for Nemkov to continue. The fight was stopped. It was ruled an accidental head butt.

Since a championship fight scheduled for five rounds is required to go at least four rounds for the judges to declare a winner, the fight was ruled no contest. Neither fighter won. Nemkov retains his championship belt. There is no winner of the light heavyweight Grand Prix.

By all accounts Nemkov won the first round of the fight. Anderson was a convincing winner of the second round, and he was seconds away from taking the third round when the fight was stopped.

The question now is will there be a rematch? Will another Grand Prix finale take place between these two men? If there’s still one million dollars to be earned you’d have to think both fighters would be willing to give it another whirl, and based on what an entertaining fight this was officials from Bellator would surely be interested in a rematch. Stay tuned!