Walking into the Seaver Center at Rockford University, you can feel the energy at practice.

“We’re blessed. We’re very fortunate,” said Head Coach Jeremy Reigle. “We’re really excited to be out on the court.”

The last time they shared the floor together was last February.

“Sitting in those days in March and April, I would’ve given anything to run a suicide,” said junior forward Kevin Diemer. “I know that sounds crazy, but you really appreciate being able to step out on the court and be able to do what you love no matter what it is.”

In mid-December, the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference approved an adjusted schedule for Basketball to be played in the spring season.

“I’m from Indiana so I’ve watched my family, my brother and sister have been playing basketball the whole time, I’ve been told I can’t be in the gym.” said senior Brandon Emerick. “All my friends and family are playing so it’s been really hard.”

This offseason challenged them to find extra motivation.

“It makes it hard to come in everyday and put in the work because you don’t know what it’s for,” said Diemer. “But we have such a great coaching staff, and a great group of guys that you don’t even care about that. You’re coming in because it’s such a good time. It’s such a good atmosphere.”

With the changes to scheduling, there’s been less time for teams to get ready for the season. And in terms of whether it’s enough time, Reigle said it’s just another thing they’re having to adjust to.

“It is [enough time] this year,” the second-year coach joked. “Normally I’d say no, but it kind of, it makes you adapt and overcome some things that in the past you didn’t know you’d be able to do.”

With their first game right around their always looking at the big picture.

“That’s just part of life,” said Reigle. “Basketball is kind of a microcosm of life and you’re going to have to go through some difficult things, and you have to find a way to adapt and overcome.”