ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — Rockford-based Damage Inc. Pro Wrestling continues to grow. Its latest show will happen tomorrow night at the Teamsters Local 325 Hall on 11th street south of Bypass 20 in Rockford. Now there’s a new, big-name wrestler on board.

Damage Inc. Pro Wrestling will be putting on its first “Mothers’ Day Mayhem” program Saturday night with heavyweight champion Alex Rico, NWA Star Joe Alonzo, Warchild, and Yabo the Clown among some of the competitors. Also in the house will be ‘Bobcat’. She made it big as a professional wrestler from 1996 through 2012. She was the first woman in WWF to win the Hardcore Championship. She was also part of Women’s Extreme Wrestling’s mixed tag team competitors. Now, she’s serving as the commissioner of Damage Inc. Pro Wrestling.

“I’m really excited for it,” said Bobcat. “I expect really big things from Damage Inc. I’m going to be a huge part of it.”

Women professional wrestlers have become commonplace at all levels. Bobcat helped move the needle in that direction. Women aren’t just window dressing in pro wrestling now, they’re looked at as true competitors, just like the guys.

“It’s so great to see women, like not having to be that Barbie Doll type and being able to be their own character and be able to be themselves and really wrestle.”

Bobcat’s contacts from three decades in pro wrestling and her knowledge of the industry are a big plus for Damage Inc.

“She’s been great,” said Damage Inc. founder Steve Eisman. “She’s took a big load off me, and it’s been really great having her. She’s helping book talent, and she’s been booking the flights, booking the hotels, and she’s going to be the heel of the company.”

Damage Inc. Pro Wrestling is pro wrestling at the grass roots level where the sport is cultivated. Bobcat knows the importance of that.

“It’s very, very important. That’s where you learn your skills. That’s where you learn how to work, how to act in the ring. I mean trial and error, and then that’s where you meet all the other wrestlers. You never know who’s in the audience watching you. It happened to me. I was wrestling and them ‘Boom’ the next thing you knew I had a deal.”

It’s also a spot where great champions from the past can still get in the ring and reconnect with their fans and with the sport that they love, even if it’s not in a large arena or with a national TV audience watching. If there’s one thing Bobcat learned about pro wrestling it’s this.

“Whether it’s one person or 150 million people (watching) you’ve always got to give it your all.”

The first 50 moms in attendance Saturday at the first Mothers’ Day Mayhem will receive a free rose. The doors will open at 5:30. The wrestling will begin at 6:30. Teamsters Hall 325 is located at 5533 11th street in Rockford south of Bypass 20 near New Milford.