LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — The Rivets were back in the Stateline Monday night to host the Kalamazoo Growlers. It was the first game back at Rivets Stadium since their bus was robbed at a hotel in Michigan over the weekend.

It can’t be easy waking up the morning of a game day to find out the team bus had been broken into.

Matthew Mebane was the first to get the call from pitching coach Lloyd Fletcher and had to wake up the other guys.

“We went downstairs, bus doors were open and everything was gone,” said Mebane.

But it wasn’t going to be an excuse for the Rivets. Brendon Bannon said it’s became more of a motivation than anything.

“It was actually like an extra motivator for us like you know we lost all our stuff, but how cool would it be if we can overcome that and still go take care of business.”.

That’s exactly what they did. The team rallied using the essentials and donated gear to beat the Kalamazoo Growlers that same night, 9-8.

“Coach in the locker room before the game was like, doesn’t matter what got taken,” said Mebane. “We are all still here, let’s just go out and win the game and show them that we can still do this and that’s what happened.”

If anything, this team is using this situation as a reason to keep moving forward and prove people wrong.

“It actually almost put another chip on our shoulder,” said Bannon. “We had been rolling and we weren’t going to let it be an excuse for us to go out there and lose the game or forfeit.”

They continue to feel the support from the community. The GoFundMe page set up by coach Fletcher has already exceeded the $10,000 goal.

Justin Kerestes, a freshman at Gannon University had his entire bag taken with gear he’s had for years. But, now nothing is taken for granted.

“For us as baseball players, it’s a big deal you know,” said Gannon. “We play ball our whole lives and then we get our stuff taken. So for all of the support, I mean, it’s a big deal.”

Messages have blown up on social media and the players are more than appreciative.

“It’s been super great to see the support that we’ve gotten from the community and all the people around us that just have really backed us up in this tough time,” said Bannon.

The Rivets carded another win against the Growlers, 9-1. They have won seven of their last nine games. They’ll be back in Loves Park Wednesday night for one more go around with Kalamazoo.