Lowry Uses Pro Day To Audition For The NFL


Dean Lowry is doing all he can to try to convince an NFL team to take a chance on him.  He got another shot Tuesday to impress teams during Northwestern’s Pro Day workouts.

Every eye was trained on Lowry and a handful of other graduating Northwestern Seniors.  Scouts from 31 NFL teams were on campus. The only team not represented was the Saints.

Lowry was put through a series of drills designed for defensive linemen to test his agility, coordination and quickness.

This is nothing new for the former Boylan Titan. A week and a half ago he was in Indianapolis for the NFL combine. There he put up some impressive times and strength numbers.

“I thought I ran well and benched well, so I think I definitely I improved my stock a little bit at the combine,” says Lowry.

There are few jobs on the planet where potential employees are more scrutinized than NFL players are.

“I’d say the process is intense, but individually it’s been more of a focus,” says Lowry. “I think just being focused on what’s at hand. There’s a lot of interviews, a lot of exams.”

It’s not enough for scouts and NFL GMs to see film of Lowry pressuring a quarterback and making a tackle for loss.  They want to know what makes him tick. What his work ethic is like. How he responds under pressure.

So from all the interviews that he’s had does Lowry have a feel for which teams are interest in him?

“I would say schematically most teams that run a 3-4 defense seem to be more interested. They like me at like a five-tech position.”

Lowry grew up rooting for the Bears, but he has not had any discussions with the Bears so far.

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald doesn’t need to be convinced that Lowry is NFL material.

“He’s been just a terrific player for us. I think he’s going to have a long career.”

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