My Take: The QB matchup NFL fans want and James Harden a Bucks’ nightmare


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — Is anyone surprised that we’re getting a Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers matchup in the NFC Championship Game this Sunday? What more could we ask for?

I know Bears fans, you’re not happy about it, but from a pure football fan standpoint this is what we want to see…two all-time greats going at it with everything on the line.

Brady is already the GOAT in most people’s minds. If he outduels Rodgers and then beats Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen in the Super Bowl we’ll need another category for Brady that’s bigger than GOAT. Maybe “Mega-GOAT” or “Super-GOAT” or “The GOAT times Infinity.”

If Rodgers outduels Brady and he goes on to win another Super Bowl he’d still trail Brady by four Super Bowl championships, but a second Super Bowl Championship would put Rodgers in rare company (only 12 QBs have won multiple Super Bowls) and elevate him as one of the all-time greats at quarterback for many people. I know Packers’ fans already put Rodgers in that category. So do I.

I can hardly wait for Sunday!

Now for some NBA chatter. Tonight the Bucks are taking on the Brooklyn Nets. It’s the first time the Bucks will have faced the Nets since they added James Harden.

The Nets have now supplanted the Bucks, the Heat and everyone else in the Eastern Conference as the favorites. I’m wondering, if the Nets are too much for the Bucks to overcome not just this year but the next few yearswill Giannis Antetokounmpo become frustrated and regret recently signing that five-year contract extention to stay in Milwaukee? I’m guessing he will, and we’ll see him pull a James Harden and request a trade so that he can team up with one or two superstars somewhere else?

Yes Bucks fans, that blockbuster James Harden trade could be a killer for the Bucks in more ways that one.

That’s my take.

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