Nagy, Trubisky clear up sideline exchange


LAKE FOREST, Ill.-Yes the Bears won Monday night, and the offense showed improvement, but public cries for Mitch Trubisky to ‘Be Better’ grew louder. Still, head coach Matt Nagy thinks Trubisky and the offense are on the right track even if that might not have appeared to be the case in one brief sideline moment Monday night.

It was the game Mitch Trubisky needed to raise his confidence, even if it was just a little. He was 20-of-23 for 173 yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone in the Bears 31-15 win over the Redskins. Trubisky finished 25-of-31 for 231 yards with just one interception.

“I like that he threw completions,” said Nagy Wednesday at Halas Hall. “I like that he played the game fast. I like that he made some plays on his own, you know, that were kind of unscripted.”

Part of that success might have been in part due to a heated face-to-face exchange between Nagy and Trubisky on the sideline in the second quarter. Both men say it was nothing malicious, and it might have provided a spark. Trubisky wound up throwing three touchdown passes in that quarter.

“It happens, you know,” said Nagy of the sideline exchange. “There’s a difference though between it being personal and it being task-related.”

“I love it. I got fired up,” said Trubisky. “That’s what you want from your head coach. You want passion. I didn’t even notice it at the time. We were just communicating and we ended up going down and scoring at the end of that drive if I remember correctly. No big deal at all, and I love to see that out of Coach Nags.”

Despite receiving praise from Nagy, Trubisky wants to get better.

“Continue to make good decisions and do my job and be a great leader for this offense. Get the guys motivated and keep them locked in at practice, especially on a short week and just keep communicating and keep everybody on the same page.”

We saw a lot more no-huddle, hurry-up offense from the Bears Monday. Trubisky says he likes the sense of urgency because it gives him and the guys on offense less time to think about the previous play, good or bad.

“It’s next play mentality, so you don’t really have enough time to dwell on the last play or worry about what happened. You’re going fast.”

Trubisky also hasn’t been running with the ball nearly as much as he did last seaosn. It’s something he realizes defenses have figured out.

“I think they’re definitely taking notice, but it’s also allowed us I think to open more windows in the pass game. I think it will come. It’s not something you force necessarily.”

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