CLEVELAND, Oh. (WTVO/WQRF) — The NBA All-Star’s main event has finally arrived Sunday night with the actual game itself. Rockford native and Toronto Raptors Guard Fred VanVleet will take the floor for Team Lebron James, who was selected as an All-Star captain.

Eyewitness News Director Scott Leber is in Cleveland previewing the event, he spoke with VanVleet and the All-Star told him that this is an event he grew up watching on TV as a kid.

“I watched every All-Star game there was. To this day I don’t think I’ve missed one,” said VanVleet. “Maybe in my last couple years as a pro, but for the most part I’ve seen everyone especially as kid that was must-see TV every Friday, Saturday, Sunday I tuned in and watched every event, the legends that were partaking back then, and I just remember growing up wanting to get like a pair of the exclusive shoes like the Kobe’s were wearing. He would have his own style for the All-Star game, or Lebron those guys would have special shoes. That was kind of like our thing as kids growing up.”