CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–When the Bears lost to the Dolphins Sunday there was a former Rockford East football player on the field for the Dolphins. Robert Jones plays on the offensive line for them.

Jones is a Chicago native who played one season for the E-Rabs as a senior in the fall of 2016 when he moved in with his uncle in Rockford.

Jones made his first start at left guard Sunday for the Dolphins due to an injury to starter Liam Eichenberg who’s out at least four weeks with an MCL injury. Jones played every offensive snap. It was the second NFL start of his brief career. He’s only in his second season.

I caught up with Jones after the game Sunday in the Dolphins locker room. Here’s that interview:

((SCOTT)) How does it feel to be back in your hometown playing ball with the Dolphins?
((ROBERT JONES)) “Man, you know, it was amazing being able to come back you know where it all started and be able to go out here and help my team win.”
((SCOTT)) Do you have a lot of friends and family here today?
((JONES)) “Oh yea I’ve got a lot. A lot of people came out to support me and see me. It’s a huge accomplishment just being where I’m at now. I’m just blessed.”
((SCOTT)) I know you’ve worked hard. You got your second NFL start today at left guard. You were in there from pretty much start to finish. How did that feel to contribute so much today?
((JONES)) “It’s just part of it. When guys are down, guys have got to step up. I’m just happy I was able to come out there and just help my team win and just contribute all I can.”
((SCOTT)) You haven’t played a lot of left guard in the NFL. How much of a transition has it been for you?
((JONES)) “It’s not a big transition. We got out there and practice to play any position that they want me. I just keep taking reps. It wasn’t a huge transition. You’ve just got to go out there and compete.”
((SCOTT)) Year two for you, how much more comfortable do you feel, how much better are you then you were as a rookie?
((JONES)) “You know, I just keep getting better. I keep getting comfortable. It’s all about knowing assignments, and I just keep getting better on technique. That’s all it comes down to.”
((SCOTT)) You guys are 6-3. The Bills lost their game. The division is really tight. How much fun is it to be a part of this Miami Dolphins team?
((JONES)) “It’s a fun team, a really talented team. I’m just happy I can be a part of this team and help them win.”
((SCOTT)) What did it do for you guys, and what went through your mind when you heard this week that Bradley Chubb was added through a trade?
((JONES)) “Man, he’s an amazing player, a good talent. Having him come over here it just shows the organization believes in us as a team, and being able to have him on our team we know we can go out there and compete with anybody.”
((SCOTT)) Do you guys on offense feel you’re almost unstoppable right now with all the weapons you have?
((JONES)) “We’re just playing together. We’ve just got to keep working together, keep getting better. We’re playing complementary football all three phases, we’ve just got to keep doing that.
((SCOTT)) Is there anything you want to say to the East E-Rabs fans out there who might be watching this?
((JONES)) “What’s up baby? I miss you all boys! Ha-Ha.”