CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–The Chicago Bears have unveiled a new alternate orange helmet to be worn during two games this season. Similar to the traditional navy blue helmet, the alternate orange helmet will have the traditional wishbone ‘C’ helmet decal but it will be navy blue with a white keyline and the facemask will also be navy blue.

The orange helmet will debut on Thursday, October 13 at Soldier Field when the Bears host the Washington Commanders. This new alternate orange helmet design marks the first time in team history that the primary color of the Bears helmet is anything other than the traditional navy blue.

“We believe we have the best uniforms in sport, certainly among the most iconic. So, we’re not looking to overhaul it. We just want to make enhancements to the existing look from time to time and we think this is a great enhancement,” said Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey. “I’m very excited for this modification. I like that it’s staying within the traditional Bears look. We’re excited about them and hope the fans will be too.”

The Bears will wear the alternate orange helmets twice in 2022 and both times it will be with the alternate orange jersey and traditional white pants. In addition to October 13 vs. Washington, the Bears will also wear the alternate orange jersey and alternate orange helmet combination at Dallas on Sunday, October 30.

In previous years, the NFL did not permit teams to wear alternate helmets, with the league requiring teams to use one set of helmets for an entire season. In 2021, the NFL announced it has relaxed that rule starting with this season and the Bears now join several other teams across the league unveiling an alternate helmet design for the 2022 season.