The Dallas Cowboys have said a lot this week in advance of Thursday night’s start to the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium, but they have revealed little.

However, many think the Cowboys could take a wide receiver early.

“Right now, we don’t have what we would call a pure X-receiver to take the place of Dez,” Owner Jerry Jones said in a recent press conference.

Then when it comes to the linebackers, odds are Dallas will take a long look at them.

“Then we also know that we could a couple of players here in the draft. We have 10 draft picks. Certainly look to do something there if the right guy is sitting there,” CEO Stephen Jones said.

Oh, and let’s not forget defensive tackles. 

“I do think the key words pressure. And it’s more than just stop the run, that he can get pressure on the quarterback, then you would consider a guy,” Stephen Jones said.

The big question is Jerry look to make a big splash in his own stadium.

“That would not in any way impune the integrity of our decision making in the draft room by throwing a helicopter in the middle of it,” Jerry Jones said with his trademark smile.

One thing is for sure, we start getting answers Thursday night.