ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — How many NFL stadiums have you visited? One Green Bay Packer fan is trying to hit all 30 of them in 30 days. His name is Tom Grossi.

Grossi is part comedian, part podcaster, and 100 percent a Packer fan. Every week during the NFL season he streams the Packast discussing the Packers’ game and chatting with fans. He chats with fans from all the NFL cities talking NFL football.

Now Grossi has stepped out from his studio doing something a little crazy.

He is traveling to all 30 NFL stadiums in 30 days to raise money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital.
“This is the biggest project I have ever attempted,” said Grossi. “It’s the biggest fundraiser ever attempted.”

He started his journey May 30th in Green Bay. The next day he was in Minnesota, and the third day, last Thursday, he was in Chicago at Soldier Field.  At each city Grossi also connects with his fan base and spotlights their passion for their teams.

We caught up with Grossi in Chicago. He told us his tour is a lot of fun, but the fundraising aspect of his journey is serious business.

“It’s all for St. Jude. 100 percent of the proceeds go there. The overall goal is $100,000.”

But Grossi isn’t ruling out raising far more money than that. Maybe even up to one million dollars through fan donations and by selling 30-in-30 T-shirts. As an incentive to get people to donate Grossi vows if the total amount of money raised reaches certain levels by the time Grossi reaches specific cities, he vows to do some bizarre things.

“As we continue along the journey there’s going to be for example me wearing a unitard as the Jaguars’ mascot in Jacksonville or staying at a haunted hotel in New Orleans. That kind of stuff or jumping off a building in Las Vegas.”

His final stadium stop will be in Los Angeles June 28. If the total hits a million dollars by then he’ll get his first tattoo, and Grossi says he hates needles, but he’ll do it for St. Jude.

NOTE: My co-worker at WTVO and WQRF Jonny Rockford did the interview with Grossi in Chicago. He’s part of Grossi’s graphic production team. If you want to follow Grossi’s journey, he posts a YouTube video each day from each city. On those videos you’ll also find information on how to donate to his cause for St. Jude’s.