ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) –The NFL season is set to kickoff Thursday night with the Bills taking on the Rams. With the season here it’s time for me to get back into prediction mode.

What do I think of the Bears this year? Based on the preseason, I’m confident they’ll be much better coached with Matt Eberflus and his staff than they were under Matt Nagy and his guys. This doesn’t look like a team that will shoot itself in the foot with a bunch of mistakes and bad play selection.

The coaches will also make better use of Justin Fields’ ability to roll out of the pocket. The coaches will also have the defense playing more aggressively.

Despite those positives, the Bears will be out-talented most weekends, especially at the receiver position and on the offensive line. Also, their defensive line is questionable at the tackle spots.

Fields needs a better line and more weapons around him. Most of this season will be a struggle for the Bears and consequently for the team.

I have the Bears losing to the 49ers Sunday 24-13. Rainy weather could make this game tricky for both teams.

The Packers don’t have DaVante Adams, but there is a lot to llike about this team. This could be the Packers’ best defense since Reggie White was reeking havoc. They have a lot of depth on the front seven and in the secondary. I expect this to be one of the top five defensive units in the NFL.

That defense will carry the Packers early while their young receivers learn on the job and get on the same page with Aaron Rodgers. I like the potential of Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs. I expect around week six those two will really turn it on. I think this receiving corps is potentially deeper than what the Packers have had in recent years, it just doesn’t have that proven all-pro number one guy in Adams.

Also, the offensive line should be very deep once Elgton Jenkins and David Bakhtiari are up to full speed.

I’m high on the Packers. Those young receivers will probably struggle with the noise in Minnesota Sunday, but the Packers defense will help them squeak by the Vikings 24-21.

Packers 12-5
Vikings 10-7
Lions 6-11
Bears 5-12

Packers 12-5
Rams 12-5
49ers 11-6
Buccaneers 10-7

Bills 13-4
Bengals 12-5
Chargers 11-6
Chiefs 10-7
Ravens 10-7

Packers 27 Bills 24