ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF)–The NFL playoffs fire up this weekend with five games plus one more Monday night. The Packers, like the rest of us, will kick back and watch it all unfold. Dean Lowry included.

This will be the Rockford native’s fourth journey into the playoffs in his six-year career. The Packers have never been more ready, and Lowry has never been more ready.  His five sacks this season were a career high.  Lowry did a little reflection after last season trying to figure out a way to kick up his game another notch.

“I’m always watching film, seeing how I can improve,” Lowry said in a press conference this week, “But especially this past offseason watching last year’s tape and seeing what worked, what didn’t work and kind of being true to who I am.”

Lowry also took on a mindset of being more physical on the field.

“Just being more physical and not worrying about different things…chasing stats, but if I go into each game, and I win my matchup, and I’m physical as I want to be, then usually good things happen.”

Lowry has the Bull Rush down, but getting to the quarterback or penetrating  into the offensive backfield aren’t always about being physical.

“I would say setting guys up too,” said Lowry. “I think I’ve run a good amount of stunts in games this year too to keep guys guessing. Throwing in there a finesse move every once in a while.”

There’s another reason why Lowry has been making more plays this season. 

“Production-wise, having more opportunities on third down. With a lot of injuries we’ve had up front, it’s given me more opportunities to have those chances, and I think for the most part I’ve taken full advantage.”

This week the Packers haven’t had an opponent to prepare for, so they’ve been focused on their own game, and how they can get better.

“This week was a big self-scout and evaluation week. There are definitely things we have to improve on in the run game being more gap-sound. Making sure that we all have 11 guys in their gaps, just being a good, sound defense.”

The forecast in Green Bay for next weekend is looking on the frigid side at the moment. Lowry says, “Bring it on.”

“We think it’s Packer weather honestly. You go back to our game against Minnesota, we played great team defense. That was probably our most complete game of the year against Minnesota in that freezing weather, so we’re used to it. Even today we were outside. We just think it fits our strength playing tough defense and having a quarterback and an offense that’s experienced in this weather.”