NIU uses prevent defense to guard against domestic abuse


The recent Ohio State-Urban Meyer domestic violence topic has other universities using that situation as a teachable moment.

At Northern Illinois University director of athletics Sean Frazier says the guidelines for how to handle those allegations of domestic abuse are clearly defined.

Football coach Rod Carey goes so far as to bring in 17th District Circuit Court Judge Rosemary Collins of Rockford to speak to his team every year in hopes of preventing abuse before it happens. Judge Collins has met with the Huskies the last four years.

“She is a leading authority in domestic abuse and she talks to our team once or twice a year,” says Carey. “She is about 5’2 and she has everybody’s attention….It’s a great education piece for us to hear it from someone who deals with it day-to-day and who’s an authority on it. They (his players) sit up.”

Frazier knows it’s impossible to entirely prevent faculty, staff and student-athletes from engaging in abusive behavior, but he says NIU is rigid in doing all it can to curtail and punish such behavior.

“Responsibility for one’s action and the responsibility to make sure that things are handled in the proper manner and that we’re not on an island by ourselves is job one,” said Frazier during NIU’s recent media day. “Folks that know me know that I do not compromise standards.” “I’m actually very excited about our staff because they take it that personal and we make sure we go through the progressions of policy and procedures both in athletics and NIU, and I’m really excited about that level of attention to detail, but things happen and when they do happen accountability and responsibility are job one.”

“Again these are teachable moments. We need to make sure we are well informed. That we make sure we get the proper information and that we do what’s right and we do not compromise that.”

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