ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — There have been 58 winners over the years in the National Short Track Championships main events on Sunday afternoons. There will only be one final winner. That winner is Rockford’s own Jeremy Miller.

Miller won the Big 8 Series 158 lap feature race Sunday afternoon. It’s the final one since the Rockford Speedway will be closing down for good at the end of this month.

South Beloit’s Michael Bilderback had a shot in the packed field of cars. He was running in second place until he was forced out of the race on lap 121 by mechanical failure.

Dale Nottestad of Cambridge, Wisconsin looked like a lock to win. He led most of the way and he was cruising along with a comfortable lead until his engine gave out with only 19 laps remaining.

That cleared the way for Miller to take the lead and ultimately win the race. It’s Miller’s first Big 8 Series win at the Rockford Speedway since 2007. He is a five-time Big 8 Series season champion. We asked Miller where this win ranks with his other great victories.

“I think it’s right there at the top. Like to win 100, to run 150 lap race at Rockford Speedway. It’s hard to do. And without getting in trouble and getting in a wreck or having mechanical failures or anything. So it’s this is this is home to me. I live seven miles from here, and it’s just one of those things that’s it’s bittersweet because it’s closing, but I’m just so happy we got the win the last race.”

Randy Sargent of South Beloit finished in second place. Rockford native Alex Papini, who now lives in Pensacola, Florida finished third.

There are still four more weekends of racing at the Rockford Speedway before it closes.