Robinson Discusses Foot Injury


Never before in Stateline football history has one foot drawn so much attention.  But it’s the foot of Illinois’ all-time leading rusher.

Robinson came up injured when Lutheran played at Stillman Valley three weeks ago.

“It was after a play, and I got up and I felt it, And I just walked off on the sideline,” said Robinson in an interview with Eyewitness News.

An initial medical exam right after the Stillman game showed Robinson likely had a slight tear of a ligament in his foot called a Lisfranc ligament. A follow-up examine Monday with a specialist showed the same result. There are three of those ligaments stacked on top of each other.

“His top one is torn a little bit,” says Lutheran coach Bruce Bazsali. “The second one is stretched a little bit, an the bottom one which is the main one is totally intact. There’s soreness from the tear, but not anything that’s going to hurt his foot or damage his foot or anything like that because that bottom ligament is solid.

Robinson was comforted by what the specialist told him Monday.

“He told me I didn’t’ have to have surgery, and it’s really up to me on how I feel about playing.”

Both Robinson and Bazsali agree that another week of rest can’t hurt, so Robinson might sit out again this Saturday when Lutheran plays Richmond-Burton in the second round of the playoffs.

“We’re going to rest him and have him on the sideline dressed ready to go, and if we need to use him and things just aren’t going our way we’ll play him.

How badly does Robinson want to not end his high school career on an injury?

“Really bad. I don’t’ want it to end at all with an injury.”

So will we see Robinson back on the field at some point playing for the Crusaders?


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