Rochelle native and NIU graduate Hendrickson works the Masters


Many of us will spend several hours this week watching telecasts of the Masters golf tournament. If you watch the NBC Golf Channel know that a Rochelle native has a hand in those telecasts.

Dane Hendrickson graduated from  Rochelle High School in 2002 and then from NIU.  These days he spends most of time  traveling and inside broadcast production trucks for his company NEP which is based in Pittsburgh. NEP covers everything from the Oscars to the Olympics.

Hendrickson is an engineer technician who gets those trucks and the people who work inside them ready for each event.

“We basically show up and get the truck ready for all of our production and all of our crew to work out of. Then any fires or issues that come up we’re here to deal with that,” said Hendrickson in a phone interview.

At the Masters Hendrickson’s truck is being used by NBC’s golf channel providing pre-round and post-round coverage of the tournament. This is Hendrickson’s first time working at the Masters.

“We’re actually at the country club next door (the truck compound) and we’re doing the live studio show for the Golf Channel. I’m actually pretty excited to be a part of this,” says Hendrickson.

Hendrickson is working 18 hour days this week although much of the day during the actual golf action he’s on standby. Unfortunately he doesn’t get a chance to roam the course and watch some of the action.

“It would be nice to do that and any other tournament that wasn’t so exclusive we would get out and walk around and go see the course, but this being the Masters they’re very, very particular obviously about who can get on the course and who can’t.”

Hendrickson has worked the Super Bowl, the Olympics and Major League baseball games among other events. His favorites so far…

“Working the Cubs (games) on their way to their championship and also up in Vancouver (2010 Olympics) I was able to watch and be a part of…I think it was the gold medal (hockey) game between Canada and the United States. That was pretty special and watching the Blackhawks and being a part of their runs to the championships. Those are definitely my highlights.

Hendrickson is 34 years old. He now lives in Orlando, Florida.

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