Rockford area tumblers and trampoline competitors haul in state titles


Just when you think the program at the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford can’t get any better it does. Check out all of these kids.

48 members of the tumbling and trampoline team at GAR recently won individual state championships at Rock Island.  That’s a record for GAR. The team also won the team championship.

There are 64 kids in the program and all 64 of them have q ualified for the National Championships in June in Florida. Head coach Ute Heger says she’s pleasantly surprised with the progress some of these kids have made in a short time.

“Pleasantly (surprised) because we have so many new athletes who joined us from last nationals to this year’s season and they’ve just all stepped up and they did really well,” says Heger.

“Personally I’ve overcome a lot of hurdles and I think this team has helped me cover most of them,” says Meg McChristie. She won state titles in tukbling and trampoline. “Mental hurdles. Just learning new skills and having to get over the fear of performing skills.”

MIchelle Perez won a state championship in trampoline. Now she’s eager to go to Nationals. “I am very excited. I’m very happy because the whole team is going and nobody is being left behind.”

The GAR team has won multipl natoinal championships in past years. No doubt these kids will be the team everyone will be targeting to beat when they go to Florida in June.

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