Should Student Chants Be Banned?


We’ve heard them all before many times. Chants coming primarily from student sections as at high school basketball games.

Chants such as, “We can’t hear you!,” and “Air-Ball,” and “You can’t Do That.”

Harmless right? In the eyes of the students who do these chants yes. It makes them feel like they’re participating in the game. It’s all in fun they say.

“I believe it’s all part of the game, and it’s how the game has been played for years, and it keeps the student section fun and lively,” says Hononegah student Noah Barkley.  “It just wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Hononegah student Alyssa McLaughlin admits she has participated in these chants. “We’re just trying to get into the game and have a good time.”

Officials at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association seem to disagree.  An email they circulated to administrators at Wisconsin Schools in December leaked out in January. The WIAA didn’t outright ban certain chants, but it strongly urged school administrators to crack down on them.

Some of the chants it listed included: “Air Ball”  “We Can’t Hear You” “You can’t do that” “Score-board” “Season’s over” and “Fund-a-mentals”.

“That’s a good one because they need to learn their fundamentals,” said Beloit Memorial student Casper Clark.

News of the email upset Wisconsin students. Students at Ashwaubenon High School went so far as to post on twitter a photo of them with their mouths covered with duct tape.

“The things they’re trying to ban we should be able to keep saying because they’re not bad, and it’s just taking way the fun of a student section,” says Clark.

“Personally I feel like this is part of high school. It’s been a part of high school,” says Beloit Memorial student C.J. Grahn.

Hononegah student Jackson Cadwell says he also has participated in these chants. He sees not problem with them. “As long as it’s under control. If it doesn’t get to a point where it’s too far or it’s like insulting to other schools. Our principal helps us keep it under control, so it doesn’t’ get too far.”

Perhaps this is simply a generational thing…then again perhaps not.  Many of us over 50 can recall these chants and others when we were in school.

(Jeri Froning, Hononegah lady) “It’s all part of the game and the fun,” said Jeri Froning who was attending a game at Honongah.

Students say they enjoy the competition not simply on the court, but competing with the opposing fans across the gym.  And students attempting to distract players with taunts is hardly new.

Players say taunts like “Air-Ball” and “Fund-a-mentals” don’t phase them.

“Not really because “I’ll be mentally and physically focused into the game, so I just play and it doesn’t bother me,” says Jefferson guard Kaveon Rogers.

“To me it’s actually funny a little bit,” says Auburn guard Trayvon Tyler. “I don’t know it’s just funny. I don’t really pay attention to them like than anyway, but when I hear it yea I laugh a little bit on the inside.”

Which leads one to believe that any action by any association to ban these chants might be…”Overrated!”

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