Ski Broncs Celebrating 50 Years


The Ski Broncs have been around for as long as most of us in the Stateline can remember. This year marks the water ski team’s 50th anniversary and it’s going all out.

“This is our biggest year ever, so this is a big celebration for us” says Ski Broncs President Steve Kling. “Starting in 1967 we’re still here bigger and better than ever in 2017, and so it’s been a big year long celebration.”

The Ski Broncs are a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1967. They put on two shows a week. They perform every Wednesday and Friday and those shows are free to the public.

“We not only have a great time, have a lot of fun ourselves, but we enjoy providing shows to the community,” says Ski Broncs Show Director Wendy Seerup.

These water skiers aren’t just performers, they’re also competitors. They’re hosting two tournaments coming up right here on their home turf.

“We’re hosting two tournaments, so that’s an exciting part of our 50th year,” says Seerup. “Our regional tournament in July and our national tournament in August.”

The Ski Broncs have only won the national championship once in their 50 years. That was in 1991. They’re hoping incorporating some of their old championship moves can help bring another championship this summer.

“1991 we won the National Championship using a ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ theme,” says Show Director Shane Theiss. “So we brought that back, and using some aspects of that, but also bringing in some new stuff.”

The skiers come in all ages and sizes. It’s involves a lot of hard work, but for them the Ski Broncs are just a fun way to spend their summer.

“This year I’ve gained a lot of experience,” says skier Max Morse. “It’s been very exciting with the rest of the team, and a lot of new members have come in. So we’ve taught them how to ski, and it’s just fun every year.”

“We have a good time!,” says skier Tim Cejka. “We come down here for practice. It’s fun, pretty light, and we get a chance to compete.”

(Elyse Balentyne, Skier)
“It’s just everybody’s nice, and I like it!,” says skier Elyse Balentyne.

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