Sports Connection Spotlight: Rochelle’s Abby Lundquist


Abby Lundquist is more often than not the quickest player on the court and perhaps the most competitive player on the court.

“She loves to use her side-to-side quickness,” Rochelle’s head coach, Tony Rowan said. “She knows how to attack the basket extremely hard, so she’ll go against 6’3, 6’4, 5’10 whatever it is. Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Abby don’t go in,’ but she’s fearless when she has the ball.”

“I really like a fast-paced game and I think that’s because I played AAU for a while,” Lundquist said. “In AAU it’s really important to…the speed is really important because it’s a super fast-paced game.”

Lundquist began this season by scoring 29 points against Oregon; 25 points against Eastland; 26 points against Forreston, and 31 points against Morrison and she hasn’t slowed down. December 15th at Genoa-Kingston she went over 1500 points for her career when she scored a whopping 42 points.

“She loves to attack the basket,” Rowan said. “She loves to knock down threes.”

She’s extremely adept at drawing contact and getting to the free throw line too.

“There has been three or four games this year where she has set or reset and school record for free throws,” Rowan said. “It was set at 19 and she shot 20-21 in a few of our games. She does a tremendous job drawing contact.”

“If I know the refs are going to call it I’ll try to go in more and try to draw that contact and lower my shoulder and go up,” Lundquist said.

There’s another key element to Lundquist’s game. Even though she’s a 5’7 combo guard she also is an excellent rebounder. She averages close to eight per game.

“I like being scrappy,” Lundquist said. “I’ve been doing rebounding drills since I was really little. My freshman year we would always to this rebounding drill and I just, even in my free time I would go do it because I thought it was fun.”

“I think [Abby’s biggest strength is] just overall for her, she outworks people,” Rowan said. “Whether its time in the gym during practice, after practice, before. There’s a lot of Sunday mornings that we come in to work together, but she’s very determined about outworking people and she takes it to heart.”

If Lundquist’s work ethic is her biggest strength her biggest asset is her family. Both of her parents Dan Lunquist and the former Tracy Ohlinger were basketball players at Rochelle and they’re in the Rochelle Hall of Fame. Her mother Tracy was on the last Rochelle girls team that won a regional championship in 1989.

“The whole family lives and breathes basketball,” Rowan said.

“Ever since I was little I was always around it,” Lundquist said. “We would always go and watch high school baketball games or we would go see the NIU games or something around here.”

Lundquist also has a younger sister Josie who also plays on the varsity girls team at Rochelle.
“Her game is a little bit different,” Lundquist said. “She’s a little bit bigger than me and she’s better at going into people and she has better post moves.”

It’s a young Rochelle team and Abby Lundquist is clearly the most talented player which means opposing defenses are usually geared to try to stop her, but that’s been the case since she was a freshman.

“She had a box-and-one on her I think her fith or sixth game as a freshman so she knows it’s been going on,” Rowan said. “She doesn’t complain about it. She’s always chomping at the bit for a new challenge.”

“I’ll be honest with you at the beginning of the year I was really frustrated with it,” Lundquist said. “I was like, ‘ahh, ‘ but you know I started using my teammates a lot more and it’s just become so much easier. I have a lot of trust in them and I know they have a lot of trust in me.”

“Over the past few years she’s been a leader by example especially with all the young kids that we have around her we’ve been forcing her to make sure she’s vocal,” Rowan said. “There are a lot of times I’ll even ask her to draw something up on the board.”

Colleges are showing interest in Lundquist as a basketball player. Her primary interest is finding the school that’s the right fit academically.

“I’m going into pre-physicians assistant,” Lundquist said. “It’s important for me to find a school with a good pre P.A. program. That’s really important for me when I’m looking for a school or just a good health/medicine field in general, so that’s important for me when looking for a school.”

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