Sports Connection Spotlight: Sycamore’s Kylie Feuerbach


Kylie Feuerbach isn’t your typical basketball player. She’s grown into quite a lethal weapon for the Sycamore Spartans.

“She’s allowed us so much flexibility over the last three and a half years in terms of what we can do defensively [and] how we prepare for other teams,” Spartans Head Coach Adam Wickness said. “It’s like having like a Swiss Army Knife that has a bunch of different tools on it and you can give teams different looks and I think that’s been a big reason why we’ve been so successful.”

The senior’s already broken three school records and she isn’t even finished. Feuerbach’s the all-time leader in points, rebounds and blocks. Now, she’s on her way to adding steals to the list.

“Going into the high school career, I’ve always kind of been like ‘I want to beat these records,'” Kylie admitted. “I guess like my time came and I just ended up beating them, but I guess that was always kind of a goal. If I broke it, I broke it but if I didn’t, I didn’t.”

“I’ve kept her in the loop like when she gets close, just to say ‘Hey, you’re ten rebounds away. Hey, you’re five steals away. Hey, you’re this.’ So it’s fun,” Wickness said. “She texts back a big smiley face and that sort of thing. So it’s just cool. I mean, it’s a nice way for her to kind of go out but I know she’s the type of kid also that would trade all those records for a shot at playing in the state championship. That’s our goal as a team and it’s cool to have this along the way but I know that she’s got bigger things in mind, so.”

A state championship perhaps with her sophomore sister, Faith? Believe it or not, this is only the second time the two have played together on the same team.

“It’s fun,” Faith said. “It was kind of weird at first ’cause I’m not used to it, but obviously she’s really good, so it just makes the team better.”

“It’s been really fun,” Kylie said. “Especially like at home, I’m able to talk to her like one-on-one and tell her things that she can get better on. It’s just really cool because I think we’ve gotten closer, especially through basketball and the connection we’ve had has just been getting tighter.”

Of course, it’s only natural there be some competitiveness between the two.

“I definitely have a different edge with her than the rest of the team,” Kylie explained. “I’m a little more like, scrappy with her. You can definitely tell it gets a little bit more competitive with my sibling.”

“We’re usually guarding each other, so I try to touch her a little bit extra ’cause it annoys her,” Faith admitted.

It’s the same family ties that helped Kylie realize where she’d spend her college years. She’s set to play for Iowa State next year, where she thinks she may want to study marketing. It’s the same school Kylie’s grandpa also played basketball for in the 1940’s, both her mom and dad attended and her older brother recently graduated from. So you could say the choice was pretty easy to make. It felt almost like a second home.

“It’s kind of like Sycamore, but in a campus form,” Kylie explained. “It’s kind of like, the way I like to describe it to people. You can just tell from the atmosphere, they have an amazing fan base, the coaches are amazing and then just the college town in general is just like Sycamore. The people just remind me of Sycamore, so. I mean, it’s four hours from home but it feels like I’ll be at home.”

While the Spartans will certainly miss Kylie’s talent on the court after this season, it’s her personality they’ll miss the most.

“Something that most people don’t know about Kylie is that she’s not very good at Tik Tok,” Wickness said. “She’s always like running over to the camera going ‘Oh, no! We’ve got to redo it! We’ve got to redo it! We’ve got to redo it!’ So that’s pretty funny.”

Kylie wants people to know they can follow her TikTok at “@KylieFeuerbach”.

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