Spotlight Feature: Hononegah’s Jordan King


Jordan King is her name, but she’s more like the queen of NIC-10 girls basketball. She’s a senior at Hononegah and she recently became the conference’s all-time leading scorer. She was so focused on the game, she didn’t even realize she reached the milestone until she was interviewed afterwards.

“Just to be able to think about how much of an impact I’ve made is really huge,” King admitted. “I don’t really think it’s set in yet that it’s really something special, but… there’s a lot of great players before me and I just think it’s so insane that I’ve been able to have the success I’ve had and see where they’ve been and hopefully it takes me the same way, so.”

Without knowing it, King was preparing for the milestone since she was five years old. That was when her dad began bringing King on his trips to play pickup basketball at the Y.

“We have spent a lot of time together through workouts and driving to practices and tournaments and just even watching basketball at home and stuff like that,” King said. “So we’ve just been able to bond over that and always talk about that and I think it’s just another thing to add to our bond.”

Falling in love with the sport at an early age, also meant knowing early on that this would not be a temporary thing.

“When I was around third grade, fourth grade is when I started watching college basketball,” King explained. “My favorite player, Maya Moore at the time, was at UConn doin’ big things and I’ve just watched her grow as a player over the past years. When I first recognized her as just a great player, I wanted to be like her and playing college basketball was that first step.”

She had no problem getting to that next step. The hard part was deciding which school she liked the most, after narrowing down her offers to U of I, Wisconsin, Marquette, and Iowa.

King announced her decision to committ to the Golden Eagles this past summer, ranked number eight in the country. She says it was the “intense and determined coaching staff” that helped solidify her decision.

“I watched a lot of practices and been to a lot of games and they were very hard on their players, which I liked,” King said. “But then the minute they do something good, they’re right there to congratulate them and be excited for them.”

“It’s something that she’s worked for,” Hononegah’s head girls basketball coach Randy Weibel said. “It’s a great school, a great environment, great college basketball team, and hopefully when she’s there, they’ll play in some NCAA tournaments.”

The dream to play college basketball started to feel more real when King made her official visit this past fall.

“I was with two other recruits and one of them was committed too and there was a third one who hadn’t committed yet,” King explained. “We kind of just spent that weekend celebrating and then also trying to get that third one to committ and she ended up committing. It was just a lot of fun to be around the players and around the coaches and just to feel that family atmosphere was really fun and it’s just going to be something to look forward to.”

Before she gets to Milwaukee, King still has some unfinished business back home.

The Indians are on a roll after knocking off Boylan to split the NIC-10 girls championship and beating Hampshire for the 4A regional championship. So what is it about King that’s helped the senior lead her team to a shared NIC-10 conference title, become the NIC-10’s all-time leading scorer, and be on the road to play D1 basketball?

“It’s pretty simple,” Weibel explained. “It’s her work ethic. It’s time in the gym. When she came in, she physically wasn’t ready, but her skillset was close. It’s just time in the gym. She’s a hard worker, she’s a great kid, and she takes the coaching. I think her best days-years are ahead of her.”

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