Top Performers opens up new possibilities with MercyHealth Partnership


The Statelines’ top training center for athletes now has the backing of MercyHealth System.

Tim Bailey recently sold his Top  Performers Sports Performance Training Center to MercyHealth, but Bailey continues to oversee the operation of it as the manager under the new name of ‘MercyHealth Top Performers.’ 90 days ago Bailey moved his trainer center from its former location on Clinton Road in Loves Park to the MercyHealth Inddoor Sports Center on East Riverside Boulevard.

Top Performers was established in 2006. Since then some of the athletes Bailey has worked with include include Fred Van Vleet, Dean Lowry, Jake Smolinski and Jordan Haverly. He’ll continue working with the top athletes in the area, but this partnership opens up more possibilities for Bailey and for MercyHealth.

“MercyHealth from the perspective to where now they have obviously the sports med division, rehabilitation and now they have this department here Sports Performance which they had an entity, a sports performance entity in Janesville and wanted to come to the Rockford market to try to set something up,” says Bailey. “They saw us as a great synergy. We’re going to integrate the sports performance into sport med. Do some things with the ortho (orthopedic) guys through MercyHealth and then work very closely also with some of the kids that may be coming through MercyHealth’s rehabilitation program. Athletes that may be coming off an ACL injury a shoulder injury.

Top Performers will benefit through a greater marketing effort by MercyHealth that will spread throughout Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and beyond.

“We’re going to be able to do an array of marketing that I couldn’t do due to marketing being so costly sometimes,” says Bailey. “I think I made the best decison. There’s no regrets of selling the business especially with the opportunity that presented itself.”

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