Volleyball moves school, town with Regional win


For the first time in 23 years, players on the Durand High School volleyball team won the Regional Championship at Christian Life High School against Aquin. The players and coaches, as well as the crowd, were ecstatic by the win.

  “I think winning is one of the best feelings there is, the emotions were overwhelming after the regional win.” coach Molly Kelsey said. “It was a much anticipated and deserved win.”

  The players had worked and tried really hard that night.

  “I felt so excited and it was an amazing feeling to win regionals,” junior Kaitlin Asche said.

  The coaches insisted on installing the drive to win in each and every one of the players, and it payed off with a win that night at Christian Life.

  “I didn’t have any doubt about winning.” sophomore McKenzie Damon said. “When I found out that we would be playing Aquin I knew we would win because we knew where they liked to hit and we also knew what spots were open on their side of the court.”

  According to the players and coaches, they put everything they had into the Regional game and won for Durand High School for the first time since 1993. The Varsity record was 23-8-2.

   After hearing about the win, most of the town of Durand gathered outside of the school and while the bus was pulling up to the town, some stood outside in the square and congratulated them with cheers and laughter.

   “I think the game brought a little life back into the town of Durand,” junior Alyssa Brauer said.

  According to the players, they all fought hard to win for their home town.

  “Every single point was thought out and completed; it didn’t have to be pretty, it just had to be playable,” Coach Kelsey said.

   Because the coaches had so much confidence in the ability of the players to win, that made them want to push to win even more.

  “Winning not only feels incredible, but it is proof of what you believe you could always do,” Coach Kelsey said.

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