Occasionally I’ll receive a voice mail from a viewer who is upset that a game they are watching on WTVO or Fox 39 is suddenly broadcasting in Spanish instead of English. Yes it happens. Here is my yearly advice for those viewers.

Here is what is going on. First know this…TV stations are required to offer a secondary language option for viewers in addition to the primary audio offering of English. Something is happening within your TV remote/TV set at home that has, for some unknown reason, switched your audio to the Spanish (secondary option) option. Technology being what it is there are sometimes hiccups/glitches with it and something triggers it to switch by itself. We are not switching your English audio to Spanish here at the TV stations. If we did, we would be inundated with phone calls to the point where our phones would blow up. Instead what’s happening is we are getting one or two occasional calls about this happening.

Here are the two most likely reasons for your audio switching to Spanish:

One, it’s again a technical hiccup/glitch where something in your remote/TV caused it to switch on it’s own.

Two, you or someone accidently hit the SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) button on your remote by mistake without realizing it. This is easy to do when you are handling a remote or tossing it onto the couch. Click on the following link for more information regarding the SAP.


If your game or program is suddenly broadcasting in Spanish audio hit the SAP button (on some remotes you might have to hit the menu botton and search for the SAP option) once or twice and see if that clears it up and gets you back to the English audio version.

If that doesn’t work sometimes by merely changing briefly to a different channel or two and then going back to the game/program you were watching will clear up the issue and return it to the English version.

Personal note: This actually happened to me once when I was vacationing in another state and an NBA playoff game that I had been watching in English suddenly was broadcasting in the Spanish version. I had done nothing to change it. Out of curiosity I switched through a couple different channels to see what audio those were in. They were in English. Then I switched back to the channel that was carrying the NBA game and it was suddenly back to the English version.

A third thing to try is to simply turn off your TV set, wait a couple seconds, then turn it back on. That might reset it to the primary audio option of English.

If those things don’t work call a family member or friend who is watching the same game or program that you are and ask them, ‘Hey is your TV broadcast of this game coming to you in Spanish?’ I guarantee you they’ll say, ‘No, I’m hearing it in English just fine.’ Again that should tell you that something is amiss with your TV or remote.

Again…WTVO/WQRF while offering the Spanish audio option through SAP for our Spanish viewers (and we’re more than happy to do this) our primary audio is still the English version.

Again, if we intentionally switched the primary audio to a language other than English we would be inundated with phone calls from upset viewers. Instead we occassionally get one or two complaints that this is happening. That means everyone else is receiving the English version while the fact that only one or two folks are complaining tells us it’s something with their own TV/remote that has triggered the Spanish option.

Hopefully this helps clarify what is happening. Happy viewing!