Why didn’t we see the Packers game Sunday on Fox 39?

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Why didn’t we see the Packers’ game Sunday on Fox 39? Yes that’s what Packers’ fans were wondering Sunday.

Here’s your answer. Sunday, December 23 was not a Fox doubleheader Sunday. It was CBS’ turn to have a doubleheader (the two networks typically alternate weekends). Thus Fox affiliates including Fox 39 were only able to bring Rockford area viewers one football game and so that football game was the Bears-49ers game at 3:05 pm.

Just because the newspaper or some other TV listing lists that there is regional NFL coverage on Fox at noon doesn’t make it so. That was probably taken from national TV listings. It’s true elsewhere around the nation Fox affiliates were showing a game at noon, but then they weren’t able to show a game at 3:05 p.m.

Rockford is considered a Bears market by the NFL and naturally so since Rockford is in the state of Illinois and it is only a little over an hour from Chicago. Fox 39 in Rockford is therefore obligated to show every Bears game that is broadcast by the Fox Network.

Thus Rockford area viewers saw the Bears game Sunday at 3:05 and not the Packers-Jets game at noon.

I’ve said this countless times on the air and on the internet Fox 39 will show EVERY Bears and EVERY Packers game that we possibly can. There’s nothing (except perhaps Cubs playoff games) that draws more viewers to our TV stations.

So no, we have not lost our minds Packers fans…we simply were allowed to show only one game Sunday.

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