Winnebago’s Watson selected to play at ESPN’s Disney Classic


One Winnebago teenager will be playing baseball in Orlando, Florida this winter thanks to his skills and to ESPN’s Disney Baseball Classic.

For 14-year-old Winnebago native Logan Watson his first year of travel baseball has been an experience unlike any other.

 “It’s a lot different competition than the league I use to be in,” says Watson. “There’s a lot of different kids that are really good at travel ball.”

Not only is the competition greater, but so is the stage. Watson’s summer of baseball took him down to the Quad Cities to play in the J.P. All-Star tournament, and that’s where another opportunity presented itself, a chance to play in the Disney New Year’s Baseball Classic down in Orlando, Florida.

“There was a try out. I went to try out. I gave it my all,” says Watson.

His ‘all’ earned him a spot on the JP Sports 14 and under roster as a catcher and outfielder.

“My parents found out Monday night,” says Watson. “They didn’t tell until Wednesday night that I made the team. They surprised me. I came out and there was Disney stuff on the table I didn’t know until I opened up a basket with baseballs inside. That’s when my dad showed the email that I made the team. So I was very happy that night.”

“He’s very excited,” says Logan’s mother Heather Watson. “A little bit nervous I’m sure, but he’s excited.”

The Disney Classic will feature over 100 teams from the ages of eight to eighteen, and include teams outside the U.S. like Aruba, Sri Lanka, and Puerto Rico. Watson won’t have any friends on the team so he’ll be playing with a group of new teammates.

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time! It’s an international tournament. There’s going to be teams from around the world that are going to be there, and there’s going to be a lot of good players.”

“I’m hoping that he can grow as a baseball player, and just enjoy it at the same time,” says Heather Watson.

What’s the biggest thing Watson wants to get out of this tournament?

“Just watch the older players play. Get experience from them. Give it 100 percent, 110 percent on the field and give it my all.”

The ESPN Disney Classic will be played December 27 through January 1.

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