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ROCKFORD (WTVO) — If you’re running out of ideas to do with your kids not to worry one Stateline mom has you covered.

“I thought we need a website and social media presence that’s telling people, hey check this out with your kids,” said Erin Sturm owner and creator of Stateline Kids.

From Winnebago County to Boone and even as far as Rock County, finding fun kid friendly activities is only a click away.

“There are so many fun things to do in our community with your family and sometimes you hear people talk about how there’s nothing to do in Rockford but that’s not true. It’s just that you might not know what there is to do in Rockford,” adds Sturm.

Sturm, a mom of two, attended several local events when she noticed not many people would show up to some of those free or inexpensive activities.

“I was looking for things to do with my kids and when I would go to events there just weren’t that many people at them and I would think this is really cool and it’s free where is everybody,” described Sturm.

That’s why she created the website Stateline Kids along with a social media page, dedicating it to keeping the community informed of events going on in the area.

“I try to publicize these events on my website and Facebook so that people can come out to more of these fun free or cheap events with their kids,” says Sturm.

“People work really hard to put on these educational and entertaining events for kids so I would say go check them out because it’s a really good time.”

Stateline Kids highlights places in the area and even places where families can take mini road trips too. Since she created the website in 2018 Strum says it’s been proving successful.

“I’ve had quite a few moms message me and say like, ‘oh we went to this awesome event cause we saw it on Stateline Kids’ and that makes me feel great because that’s exactly what I want to do is get more people out to these types of things,” said Sturm.

Sturm was born and raised in the Stateline and says she hopes Stateline Kids can help shine a positive light on the place she calls home.

“It’s important for people to have a place where they can find like what could I do with my kids today and They can find a fun thing to do and go do it because it helps kids learn it helps them develop and it’s great for them to get out and see the community and build a positive attitude of where they live,” said Sturm.

Sturm is also behind the fundraising effort to remove and replace the red oak playground in rock cut state park.

You can be a part of that effort by clicking here or if you’d like to see what’s going on in the area this week, you can find that here.

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