49ers, Chiefs fans analyze Joe Montana’s cryptic Super Bowl prediction tweet

The Big Game

MIAMI (KRON) — Joe Montana tweeted Friday saying, “Here you go my prediction is 35-28 my team!!!”

But attached is a picture showing his jerseys while playing on both the Chiefs and the 49ers, completing his name Montana and his number 16.

This has many people wondering who he truly thinks will win.

KRON4’s Sara Stinson talked with many fans in Miami about what they think it really means.

Joe Montana’s cryptic tweet putting out a prediction for tomorrow has fans wondering what he mean’t. Fans broke down and analyzed his tweet. 

Many people were left to wonder who does he actually think is going to win?

“I cannot believe he actually tweeted half and half,” James O’Neill said. “It should 9/10 Niners and 1/10 Chiefs. Joe Montana is a 49er. He’s very generous to say the Chiefs are going to get 28. I think closer to seven.”

“I think he means he wins either way being apart of both organizations,” Darin Ahlan said. “But if you look at the picture in the tweet, he has four letters in the 49ers jersey which represents the four rings he won. That’s who he is rooting for. He is a Hall of Famer as a Niner. He only played with the Chiefs a couple of years.”

While a Chief’s fan thinks Montana is secretly rooting for the Niners, he still thinks the Chiefs are going to win.

“I’m from Kansas City, I have to go with my Chiefs,” Roderick Williams. “We have the best quarterback ever, well besides Joe Montana.”

But his interpretation might be biased as his son is number 98 on the Chiefs, Xavier Williams. 

“We are proud of all our kids but yeah Xavier is doing really well,” Williams said. “We are proud of him.”

Montana’s tweet has definitely stirred the pot, who knows what he mean’t, but it has people buzzing in the Miami Beach area.

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