Group of 16 has attended 49 Super Bowls!

Big Game

Super Bowl 50 is the golden anniversary of the NFL’s Super Bowl games, and every football enthusiast would love a ticket to attend football’s biggest night. 

But, can you imagine attending 49, going on 50 games? Of all the people in the world there is just over a handful that has accomplished that, but the prestigious list of those who attended all 49 Super Bowl’s continues to shrink.  

For the first time, all 16 members of that elite group gathered in San Francisco.  The group includes three print writers, three photographers, one groundskeeper,  and the wife of former KC Chiefs owner Norma Hunt.

The ‘Super Bowl 5,’ are five friends that have attended every single Super Bowl.  Three other fans of the elite group of 16 haven’t missed a game.
“I think that number is sort of remarkable,” said Walter Looss, photographer.  “I asked the cab driver last night, ‘how many people do you think have been to every Super Bowl?’ he said, ‘I have no idea, a thousand.’ I thought it was 11 I didn’t know there were even 16.”

“It is just amazingly interesting to listen to them — they’re terrific,” said Norma Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs.

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