Tooth Talk – Wisdom Teeth


When we’re considering wisdom teeth,  there are two possibilities:

Keep them or extract them.


A few lucky people are able to keep their wisdom teeth

and take good care of them


In many cases though, there isn’t enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth to come properly, and a delay in removing them can cause serious problems.


These problems can include a painful infection

of the surrounding gums, tooth decay, periodontal disease,

and the destruction of jawbone around the wisdom tooth.


It’s often better to remove wisdom teeth early, while the roots are still small, even before the teeth have come in through the gums.


If you delay extraction, the roots can grow near or around the nerve in the jaw, which could be damaged during extraction.


In addition, removing wisdom teeth early often means

easier removal and faster healing.


For all these reasons,  we often recommend extracting wisdom teeth

to keep your mouth and smile healthy. 

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