Frost Possible:

Weather conditions overnight were just right for radiational cooling to occur. With mainly clear skies and light surface winds in place, the heat from the previous afternoon was able to escape back into the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a more significant cool down. 

This has left temperatures sitting 5°-10° cooler compared to Monday morning, leaving most in the low to mid 30s. This of course is cool enough for frost. The one thing that may limit frost development however is the deck of clouds coming in from the northwest. But just know that patchy frost and patchy fog will be a possibility this morning. 

Despite the rather chilly start to our Tuesday, the combination of today’s sunshine and west-southwest wind will help give temperatures a boost. This will bring afternoon highs up from the upper 50s Monday to the low 60s this afternoon. From there, forecast models show clouds increasing overnight into Wednesday. This, along with a wind shift to the south will result in a less chilly night, with lows landing in the low 40s.

Showers Return:

Cloud cover will be in place for a good chunk of the day tomorrow. However, Wednesday’s southerly breeze will help filter in even warmer air, allowing highs to peak in the mid 60s. It’s also during this time in which we’ll need to keep an eye out for a scattered round of showers and storms. Thankfully, severe weather is out of the question as there is literally no ingredients in place for severe weather to occur. A pair of cold fronts passing through will help extend chances for rain into Wednesday night and into the first half of Thursday.