Expect temperatures to fall quickly Monday evening, by 8pm areas will already be down to the mid to upper 60s. Just like what we saw this morning, temperatures will be cooler than what we had last week due to mostly clear skies. Look for temperatures early Tuesday morning around 48 degrees, that is only a few degrees below average. Tuesday temperatures will climb back to near normal with a high of 72. Although we will start the morning off with some sunshine, clouds will increase later in the day and showers will move in.

Much of Tuesday morning and afternoon look okay. Tuesday evening is our next best chance at rain, but just like what areas saw Sunday, we will not pick up a whole lot of rain. Showers look to move in between about 5-6pm and be heavier at that point towards the north. We then will see a little break before showers pick up in coverage Wednesday morning between about 5-9am. After the morning hours, most rain looks to fall in southern areas and places that are south of the Stateline. Expect places to only get about 0.05-0.20”. After the rain Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday, the next chance of rain comes Friday.

It has been a breezy afternoon and that is driving an elevated fire risk the remainder of the afternoon and until the evening. If you’re planning on burning anything, be sure to use caution and keep any burning under control. Overnight Monday will calm down a little bit to a range of 5-10mph, but gusts are going to be between 15-20mph. Tuesday morning winds will actually start off pretty calm and then pick up during the afternoon from 5-10mph.

There will be a few days we will have to keep an eye on this week including Thursday and Friday. The Storm Prediction Center is watching areas to the northwest for the best chances of severe weather on Thursday, and on Friday areas southeast. Temperatures will cool off after this system, heading into the weekend.