Although temperatures are cold now, this will not reflect what we will see this afternoon. Both Saturday and Sunday will be above average in the lower to mid 50s. We will see much more sunshine the first half of the weekend. There are a few areas with wind chills down to the teens including Galena and Rochelle, this will fluctuate throughout the morning. Air temperatures for the most part are in the 20s but Freeport is at freezing level as of 4:00am Saturday morning.

It’s still days out but thinking there will be a system that sets up somewhere NEAR the Stateline late next week. This could bring us some lighter snow between Black Friday and next Sunday. Temperatures are likely going to be in the mid to upper 30s. Models are still pretty different right now and even a few days ago had highs only in the upper 20s/lower 30s by Black Friday. All in all, lately it looks warmer but still likely at least a little bit below average.

Though we will likely still see below normal temperatures during the Thanksgiving timeframe like mentioned above, the coldest air looks like it could get pushed and stay further northward than what models were hinting at a few days ago. If this holds true, temperatures would be in the mid to upper 30s (even potentially near 40), you will see that reflected on the 7-day forecast below. Wednesday and Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 39 degrees is not out of the question.