Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we added to the seasonal snowfall total which puts us at 29.0″. We are only 2.7″ behind where we should be on March 13th. January as of right now has recorded the most snow for the winter season but March is only 0.2″ behind January and we still have a few weeks to go, in fact, 37% of our seasonal snowfall total fell between March 9-12th.

Temperatures are slightly cooler than what we have experienced the last few days, especially with the wind chill factored in. Early Monday afternoon temperatures are in the upper 20s/lower 30s, but wind chills are in the mid to upper teens for the most part. Wind chills in Monroe, Sterling, and Rochelle are in the lower 20s. We should be seeing temperatures in the mid 40s during the afternoon with lows in the mid 20s. Today we are only going to achieve the lower 30s, and tonight, the mid-teens, well below average.

Clouds will continue to clear overnight leaving us with partly cloudy conditions, but temperatures are going to be well below normal overnight. We will see temperatures drop to around 15 degrees. Tuesday we will see temperatures warm a little bit, into the mid 30s under partly cloudy. skies.

Wednesday and Thursday temperatures warm back up into the mid to upper 40s, a few areas could even squeeze out the 50-degree mark. Wednesday night into Thursday is our next chance of precipitation. A low-pressure system will move closer to the area but pass north of us. This will keep severe weather chances to our south/southwest Thursday.

Temperatures will fall back to below normal Friday and into the following weekend. Friday temperatures will be in the mid 30s, Saturday the lower 30s, Sunday back to the mid 30s again. The Spring Equinox is next Monday, and we could see temperatures return to a bit more of a springlike feel.