Temperatures are in the mid 30s across the majority of the Stateline early Saturday morning with wind chills 5-10 degrees cooler. It will be a cold Earth Day with well below normal temperatures. Around 9am temperatures will be in the upper 30s, by 2pm in the afternoon 43 degrees and by 6pm we should still be in the mid to lower 40s across the Stateline.

Scattered snow and rain showers are in the forecast Saturday. During the morning scattered snow showers will move in which could reduce visibility. As temperatures warm, this could mix with rain and even graupel. Showers remain in the forecast through afternoon and evening. A few stray flurries and light rain showers overnight will be in the forecast but some, if not most of the area should remain dry.

We mentioned we could see graupel later today, but what is graupel? Temperatures will be cold enough above the surface to allow for development of graupel. Snow forms and falls through a layer of supercooled water droplets. The droplets then freeze, or rime, onto the snowflakes. Tiny white pellets that resemble small hail falls from the sky. Unlike hail, the snow pellets are soft and crushable.

Winds will be a factor Saturday afternoon and evening as gusts are going to increase through the day between 25-30 mph. Clouds stay in place all day today with scattered snow and rain showers mixed with the graupel. Temperatures stay in the mid 40s Saturday. Saturday night temperatures are going to fall into the lower 30s. A slight chance of flurries/stray shower cannot be ruled out, but most will likely be dry.

Temperatures for the second half of the weekend will be similar to what we reach later today, in the mid 40s. A slight chance of rain and snow showers are in the forecast Sunday, but Saturday is the better chance. As we get into the work week, temperatures will be back into the mid 50s and some sunshine will return. By the end of the week, temperatures will be closer to normal, in the lower 60s. Our average during late April is around 65 degrees.