After a very active last few days we finally saw the sunshine back out yesterday and the dry pattern will continue for at least Monday and Tuesday. Our next chance of rain will move back in ahead of cold front Wednesday. Showers behind a low will likely stick around for Thursday.

Though rain is back in the forecast, not even close to how much rain we saw last week and into Saturday is in the forecast this week. The Weather Prediction Center’s potential rainfall outlook for the next 3 days has the heaviest to our north, but we will likely see up to 0.25-0.50 inches. Last week if you compare the two, this graphic had blue, purple and even reds across the area some 1.00-3.00″ of rain and that’s exactly what we saw.

Though we saw some warmer air the last few nights, temperatures are expected to dip into the mid 30s tonight. Patchy frost is possible with most clouds clearing out and light winds conditions are favorable.

After tonight, nighttime temperatures stay fairly mild. Our average overnight low for this time of year is 42 so we climb back to normal Tuesday night. Afternoon temperatures will also climb back to the 60-degree mark Tuesday afternoon, and we will likely be in the mid 60s by Wednesday. However, due to our next cold front, temperatures will be back into the upper 50s by Friday/Saturday timeframe.