As we close the books on the month of April we take a look back at the climate for the month. According to the National Weather Service the average high temperature was 62.2 degrees, which is 2.5 degrees above normal. The average low was 36.2 degrees, which is 2.3 degrees below normal. The average monthly temperature was 49.2 degrees, which is 0.1 degrees above normal.

Rainfall was below average with only 2.68 inches being recorded in Rockford. This is 1.07 inches below normal. Snowfall added up to 0.9 inches, which is normal. A record daily snowfall of 0.2 inches fell on April 22nd, and we tied a record low temperature of 25 degrees set on the 26th.

Looking ahead to the month of May the average high at the beginning of the month is 66 degrees. By the end of the month the average high is 77 degrees. Monthly precipitation is just over four inches.