Friday was by far the wettest day we have seen in a long time. We got a months’ worth of rain in just ONE day! Wednesday Rockford’s airport saw 0.45″, Thursday 0.40″, Friday 2.71″ and Saturday 0.21″.

Our normal amount of rainfall up until this point in October is 1.21″, we’re checking in with 3.83″ already this month which is already exceeding the average we normally get for the entire month of October! The average for October is 2.63″.

Temperatures for the most part are in the lower 40s, but there are a few upper 30s out there including Freeport and Janesville. Wind chills are in place making it feel a few degrees cooler. Most wind chills are in the mid to upper 30s.

Temperatures will only warm into the mid 50s today about 10 degrees below average. It stays windy out there, but wind gusts will not be quite as strong as yesterday. Expect winds to gust between 20-25 mph this afternoon though a few areas could reach close to 30. The start of the work week stays cool but then we will see temperatures warm up closer to normal by Tuesday. Wednesday looks to be our warmest day when we could be back into the mid 60s, but it will be short lived.