We have cooled off pretty quickly from the upper 90s just a couple days ago! The high temperature in Rockford dropped 13 degrees from Thursday to Friday, and then another 10 degrees from Friday to Saturday! We don’t continue that trend tomorrow, but highs still remain below normal for Sunday.

Skies continue to clear a bit into the night tonight, allowing temperatures to fall into the upper 50s for most overnight. This is fairly close to our normal low temperatures for this some of year.

Another cool and comfortable day comes tomorrow with highs only reaching the mid-70s for most. We will see a quite a bit more sunshine than we saw Saturday, as humidity continues to fall through the next couple days.

We will see a brief uptick in humidity on Monday ahead of our next cold front and rain chance, but the rest of the week will continue to feature a much more comfortable air mass, with dew points in the 50s rather than the 60s and 70s like most of last week.

Our lone rain chance for the week ahead comes between Monday and Tuesday along the next cold front. This will not be a very widespread chance, but scattered showers are possible Tuesday morning and afternoon.

The cooler and comfortable trend does not last very long, as the long-term outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is favoring above normal temperatures for the first week and a half of September. Labor Day weekend appears to be a warmer one, with highs in the upper 80s and possibly 90s.

In the meantime, the comfortable weather sticks with us for most of the week ahead with our only rain chance coming Tuesday.