Areas of frost possible heading into the weekend


Temperatures are expected to take quite the tumble later in the week as overnight lows come very close to freezing, and afternoon high temperatures remain in the 50s. Following highs reaching the low 70s once again Wednesday afternoon, a couple of cold fronts sweeping down from the northwest will bring temperatures down around 20 degrees in just a short 24 hours.

There were a few isolated showers and thunderstorms that moved through the area, producing small hail in southern Wisconsin and far northwest Illinois. The storms strengthened a little over southeast Wisconsin as additional showers moved across northern Illinois. Those showers were quick to fizzle, running into a much more stable environment. Much of the evening will remain dry, but cloudy, as temperatures fall from the mid to upper 60s they’re currently at, down to the low 50s by daybreak Thursday.

Cloud cover will continue to wrap around the low during the day Thursday, gradually clearing by Thursday night. A much cooler air mass will slide south during the day Thursday holding temperatures in the 50s for much of the afternoon.

Depending on how quickly the cloud cover clears out Thursday night, areas of patchy frost are possible Friday morning. Temperatures are forecast to fall back into the mid and upper 30s.

Highs Friday afternoon remain in the mid 50s as cloud cover holds thick throughout much of the afternoon. This will keep high temperatures in the mid 50s for much of the afternoon. Cloud cover is expected to clear out Friday night which could bring temperatures down into the low 30s Saturday morning. If temperatures get down that low more widespread frost is possibly by Saturday morning. Overnight lows so far for Rockford have not reached 32 degrees yet.

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