There are areas of heavy showers that we are tracking very early Thursday morning but these will move out over the next few hours. By mid morning rain will completely have tracked south/southeastward out of the Stateline. The next chance of rain luckily holds off until early next week, so the majority of this weekend will make for good outdoor plans.

Temperatures did not fall a whole lot overnight we’re waking up with temperatures in the upper 60s in a lot of areas Thursday morning. Temperatures will continue to fall a few more degrees over the next few hours before warming up. 

Dew points have gradually come down over the last several hours but because it is still warm with some moisture in the air, it does still feel slightly muggy outside. Dew point temperatures currently sit in the lower to mid 60s in most Stateline counties.

Through the day, expect temperatures to gradually warm to near that 80 degree mark. Overnight Thursday, temperatures will fall into the upper 50s, so a little cooler than what we woke up with this morning.

Current wind speed is not a factor in most areas as winds lightened after midnight, however, winds will pick back up by this afternoon gusting up to 20-25mph. Winds come down some overnight only gusting up to 10-15mph.

Friday temperatures will be right near that 80 degree mark, so still below average. Most areas will only reach daytime highs in the mid to upper 70s but a few areas could reach 80 Friday afternoon. As we look closer to the weekend, Saturday temperatures hold onto that slightly below normal temperature pattern. Sunday we are back to the mid 80s. We will continue to see temperatures in the mid 80s to start the work week off next week but by mid week, there are multiple signs we could be turning to a much warmer pattern from heat building up west and southwest of our area.