Temperatures were roughly 5-15 degrees warmer all across the Stateline early Monday afternoon compared to the day prior. We are finally going to see warmer daytime highs the next few days, back to where we should be for this time of year, in the mid to upper 40s. There was a little bit of a wind chill making it feel a few degrees cooler than our air temperatures that were able to make it into the lower to mid 40s.

Out of the last nine days, our temperatures were at or below 40 degrees. The average we should be at is 44, but the average over the last nice days was only 34 degrees, so about 10 or so degrees cooler. Much better weather conditions take place as sunshine returns with temperatures back to near normal the next few days!

Monday night clouds will increase with temperatures dropping into the lower to mid 20s. Overnight Monday, winds will be out of the northwesterly direction between 5-10 mph.  Tuesday, temperatures will be even a few degrees warmer than today, with more blue filled skies allowing our temperatures to warm into the mid to upper 40s. Winds will gust to around 15 mph Tuesday afternoon.

The beginning of the work week will remain dry with sunshine returning to the sky. However, when we dip into Thursday, Thanksgiving could bring some isolated showers. Temperatures should be near normal in the mid 40s. The next chance of rain after the holiday will be over the weekend, so once we reach late in the work week there’s a chance of rain through the weekend. Rockford and southeastward are abnormally dry, so we need the rain.

On Black Friday there is a chance of a few isolated showers with temperatures near the 40-degree mark, so a little bit cooler compared to the rest of the week at that point. For the weekend following Thanksgiving, temperatures should be in the mid 40s.