Big Cooldown to Follow Rainy Holiday Weekend


Following a very rainy Easter Weekend, temperatures are expected to fall well below average for the entirety of the following work week.

Infrared satellite imagery and radar reflectivity for Saturday, April 11 at 7:45 PM CDT

The first of two “Colorado lows” formed through the evening on Friday and propagated eastward into the central Plains through the night and into Saturday. Come Saturday morning, rain showers formed in the northcentral Plains along the system’s warm front. These showers were propelled eastward by strong low and mid-level winds entering the Stateline midafternoon on Saturday. This rain continues to fall through Saturday evening with embedded pockets of heavy rainfall. A chance of showers is expected to last through the night although the rain will become much more isolated following midnight.

Simulated precipitation type radar, wind speed and direction, and cloud cover for Monday, April 13 at 3:00 AM CDT from the Rapid Precision Mesoscale, or RPM, model

Easter morning, we can expect mostly cloudy skies with a few lingering, isolated showers. The second, and stronger, of the two Colorado lows will approach the area from the southwest on Sunday causing rain over the Stateline to intensify and become more widespread by the early afternoon. This second round of heavy showers could feature a few embedded thunderstorms. As the storm moves across the area and off to our west, scattered showers wrapping around the back end of the system will likely transition into snow flurries, or at least a wintry mix, overnight as temperatures will quickly cool. This chance for isolated flurries will last through midmorning on Monday with no accumulation expected.

Simulated 250 millibar wind speed for Tuesday, April 14 at 8:00 PM CDT from the North American Mesoscale, or NAM, model

Strong northwesterly flow following the storm’s passage will keep our temperatures in the lower 40’s on Monday. The rapid intensification of a superimposed jet stream situated to our south early in the week will cause significant midlevel cold air advection and keep our temperatures in the lower to middle 40’s likely through Thursday. With the normal high in Rockford reaching the 60 degrees on Monday and 61 degrees by Wednesday, temperature departures will likely fall between -15 and -20 degrees through most of the upcoming work week.

Forecast high temperature contours for Monday, April 13 from the North American Mesoscale, or NAM, model

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