Blustery Wednesday:

Strong westerly winds behind yesterday’s front caused quite the headache for travelers, blowing plenty of Saturday’s snowfall across the roads. Peak wind gusts for a majority of the Stateline landed in the 40-50 mph range, with Galena coming in on top with a gust at 48 mph. Although winds subsided somewhat overnight, they will still play a major role in the harsh temps and wind chills that move in for the rest of the work week. 

Extremely Cold Stretch:

Wind chills early Thursday morning to start will range from -5°to -15°. To prepare, pack on those layers and give your vehicle a few minutes to warm up before hitting the roads. Thanks to a low-pressure system to our south, clouds are expected to linger well into the afternoon. 

Winds throughout the day wont’ nearly be as strong as they were on Wednesday. However, they will still pack a punch, leaving highs in the teens and wind chill values below zero. Needless to say, the layers you put on this morning will definitely come in handy once kids or yourselves are heading home later today.

Wind Chill Advisory: 

As an area of high pressure slides in from the northwest, skies turn partly cloudy overnight into Friday morning. This will create a more conducive environment for temperatures to drop below zero. 

Winds will be light out of the west northwest at 5 to 10 mph, allowing wind chill values to drop as low as 20° to 25° below zero. Areas to the west will be placed under a WIND CHILL ADVISORY from 6 PM this evening to 9AM Friday.